Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/29/09 training and recruitment patrol

GreenCard, the San Francisco Senior Leader took a patrol out for a recruitment campaign because almost every city in California is suffering due to major state funding cuts that affect everybody including the police department, so in order to help not only the police department but other GA chapters as well we went on this special patrol. Towards the end of the patrol we came across a man who had a near-fatal heroin overdose.

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Our Guardian Angels trained in first aid saw a man in need of assistance, so we went to help him out. The two instructors gave the man first aid assistance, and they decided to call for an ambulance because he was in a bad shape, but at the same time four uniformed police officers arrived at the scene. When they saw our two instructors they knew what they were doing and told our instructors to keep doing what they were doing. We called for paramedics, in a few minutes paramedics arrive at the scene, and they (the paramedics) told our instructors that if they were called just a few minutes later the man would have died because of the heavy heroin overdose, so they thanked us for saving that man's life We had seven members on patrol, Scorpion was leading the group and I, Greencard, was there training Williams to become a patrol leader, because our mission is "Protect, Help and Save" citizen's lives and "Dare To Care"

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mission Patrol, 7/25/09

I J.D. will not be on patrol today, the patrol will be done by the 2nd in command (Scorpion), there also will be California Leader of the Guardian Angels Freddy, code name Greencard as an observer. The patrol will be the Mission Dist. and there will be all together 10 angels for this patrol, they will be using the radios for communication.

Now we get ready to do debrief and head out to our destination. We get to the 16th street BART station and we observe drug dealers at this corner, they see us arrive and they leave but we post up as it is one of the hot spots that we have. Next we hit all the major alleys, Hunters Alley, Lovers Lane Alley, and Travis alley as well. We picked up all kind of needles, some with blood still left in them and some with drugs left in them, and we do have the containers to put them in. Next we march up from 16th street to 24th street, the streets are all clear.

Next we checked out the parks, Kid Power Park, and Alioto Park, they were all clear. Next we get back to 16th street BART station to see a few gang bangers hanging out, we post up and they leave. Next we decided to call it a day and head back to the HQ. Got to the HQ changed into our street clothes did there debrief, and they went on there own way. The report I J.D. received seems to be in order and it seems to be a great patrol, I just wish I could of been there
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Community BBQ, July 19th

Sunday July 19th, 2009 is the day for the cookout in the Haight Ashbury Dist. We will meet at David's and Virginia's house with all of the neighbors of their community. David and the neighbors of this community are very excited to see us arrive, but we are very excited to be there as well. We as Angels meet everyone and we try to talk to everyone just to let them know that we are back in this neighborhood and we are going to do our best to make it a safe neighborhood. We are also there to present David and his wife an AWARD for his achievement of the neighborhood watch program he had started called RAD, Residents Against Drugs.

They both have came along way and their community has came along way but it is for the better and for the good. We as Angels know if it wasn't for people like David and Virginia and their community's support we would not be as strong as we are as the San Francisco GUARDIAN ANGELS. We give David and his wife the award and everyone was happy for them and we were feeling very proud at that moment as well. After that we took some photos, we thank everyone, and we went on our way back to our HQ and called it a day, a day that we will always remember. Read the rest

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 18th patrol

Saturday July 18th, 2009 today we patrol the Mission District. We all meet at the HQ at 10:00am to begin our day, we change into our uniforms and then we are ready for pre-brief. There will be only one team, I J.D. will lead this team and Scorpion will be my tail, this means he will be at the end of the team watching our backs. We are a team of 9 Angels, and we will only use 2 radios for communication today for the Mission Dist. As we start to head to the bus stop, a bus stops and a bus driver yells out at us to stop and that he needed our help.

We boarded the bus and saw a drunk that was so intoxicated that he did not want to go anywhere but to stay on the bus as long as he could. The bus driver asked us to please escort this guy off his bus and we did, we help him off the bus and then we move on. We caught the #14 bus to the Mission Dist. we got to 16th street and posted up at the BART station on the corner for awhile, all clear. Next we hit Hunter's Alley picked up few needles but no bad guys, then we hit Lover's Lane Alley picked up a few needles but no bad guys, then we checked out Kid Power Park, all clear. Now we march up Mission Street to our next spot, the Alioto Park it has a beer drinker there but we pour out his beer and he leaves.

We get back to Mission Street to march to the 24th street BART station, we get there and post up for awhile, all clear. Now we hit Travis Alley, pick up a few needles but no bad guys, next we began our march back down to 16th street BART station. Before our march we meet up with SFFD and we talk a bit. These guys save people’s lives every day, THANK YOU SFFD. We march down Mission Street without any problems until we get there on 16th street. There are a few drunks drinking alcohol we asked them pure it out or take it some were else and they did, next we posted up for awhile. The patrol was coming to an end, we caught the #14 bus back to our HQ, changed back into our street clothes, and did our debrief. This was a very good day because we felt as though we did something, we did because we DARE TO CARE.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 11th patrol

Saturday July 11th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels have let two of our leaders go to other cities. Spider was asked to be the chapter leader for San Pablo and Sarge was asked to be chapter leader for San Jose. These two members were LTs for our SF chapter, but made a decision to branch out to these cities to start chapters. We the San Francisco Chapter will give them support as much as possible.

Now we move on to our prebrief, two teams I J.D. will be lead team, and Sarge will be shadow team, we will use all radios for communication. Our area is the Tenderloin District today, we do not have to catch the city transportation for this patrol, but we do have to march there. Everyone is ready and everyone is focused, we get to Turk St. and post up, this street is kind of quiet but don't count your chickens before they hatch. Then we march up to 201 Turk building where we post up for awhile, everything seems cooled down a bet. Next we march to Eddy St. it to seems cooled down a bet also. Now we are at Ellis St. and we begin to march down this street and before you know it we are on the cross street of Jones, this is where it is at, crack smoking, crack dealing, alcohol drinking and the kind of people that would rob you in broad daylight.

So we post up and stand our ground, next thing that happened was a man yelling down from his apt. saying that the angels had no business being there and that we were not deputized as law enforcement by the city police dept. and he went on and on, so he called the police dept. Here come the police, three police cars for three police officers, one is a sergeant that knew who we are and knew what we do but this is OK because he understood why we where there. But the man was not going to let this go, he said that we had weapons, and so the sergeant had to ask me to raise my arms to check me, I did advised them of our code, ( NO WEAPONS ) we do not carry any weapons at all, the sergeant knew this but had to make sure and ask the other officer to check the rest of us and as I was talking to him I looked behind me and see the officer had the angels turned around as if she was giving a full search down.

The sergeant had to say something to her because he knew that this did not need to be done, so he stopped her before she had got any further. But the man kept on yelling and demanding this and demanding that, finally the police just explained that he could not do anything about us and that there would not be anything done to us and told him to go on his own way. Next we march on to O'Farrell St. we get there and we head to the 631 building for a 10-100 but we do post up awhile and it to has cooled down a bit. As we march straight down this street, we get to UNION SQUARE to patrol around the area awhile, then we head to POWELL ST. for a performance of drummers, this was fun and this was cool not only for us angels but for the tourist and the shoppers of downtown. Then we head to the METREON to do a small patrol of that area, it to was all cooled down. So we head to the HQ for debrief and to change out to our street clothes, we get there and we get there safe, this is good, this is a good day. Now we have two openings for LTs this gives our other members a chance to advance in leadership and other responsibilities.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Waterfront patrol, 7/4/09

Saturday July 4th, 2009 we the Guardian Angels have a night patrol on this day. The area will be from the Ferry Building to Aquatic Park and around Pier 39, and to be advised that this is a Holiday for Fun and Fireworks. Our meeting time is at 4:00pm at the HQ and the time we are estimating to make it back is around 12:00 midnight.

As we are waiting at the HQ, everyone had showed up that is supposed to show up plus one new member, his code name is Williams, there are 13 Angels for tonight's patrol. Next we begin our prebreif for the patrol, there will be two teams, Greencard will be lead team with six angels and I J.D. will be shadow team with seven angels, and we will use all of the radios for this patrol for communication.

Now we march, we are headed to the Ferry Building, everyone looks sharp and everyone looks focused. We get to the Ferry Building and we post up for a while. Next we march down to the Pier 39. As we had got there at Pier 39 we notice a guy that was hanging his legs over the ledge of a parking garage three story's high, that was not safe a all, we approach the garage and yelled up at him and said could he please put his legs back over the rails of the garage, and he did with no complaints.

Now we march to Aquatic Park and before we get close to the ledge of the grass we run right into a fight, there are four males, two of them are on the ground with a headlock on each other and the other two are arguing it on. As Guardian Angels we break it up and split them apart and try to calm them down, by that time the police arrived and took one back down to the ground, then the handcuffs went on him and he went to jail. All of this is going on while the fireworks are shooting up into the sky. I J.D. like to say that we were professional about this and we did what we were supposed to do and then we moved on.

We did break up a few pot smokers that where smoking around the park, this is a minor thing for us but they listen to us and put it out. Well the fireworks are over and the people and the crowds begin to then out, and now we are ready to go back to the HQ. Now we march, march back to the HQ feeling a little tired but are in a good mood. Got to the HQ, everyone changed into their street clothes, did a quick debreif, and everyone went home safe, great HOLIDAY, great 4TH OF JULY.

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