Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toy and Blanket Bundle Drive, 12/5/09

Saturday December 5th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels are getting ready for our Toy and Blanket Bundle Drive. The toys and the blanket bundles will be handed out on Saturday December 19th 2009, the time will be 10:00am to 2:00pm, so everything has to be prepared and has to be ready for this day. As for today all the angels start arriving around 11:00am to begin with our prebrief and to discuss our plans for the upcoming event, we even have the San Jose Guardian Angels Chapter here to help us out for today. Next we take photos of both chapters with Tess and Meriam, with all the stuff that we are giving away to the children and to the homeless.

Now we begin with, (Plan One) Call the media for a press release, news papers, news stations, anyone that could help put out our event, Greencard and Electra will stay at the HQ just in case the media show up. (Plan Two) Most all the San Francisco Guardian Angels and the San Jose Guardian Angels will be going out into the streets handing out fliers about Blanket Bundle Drive. (Plan Three) The angels split into two teams, One team will pass out the fliers to the business and the other team will pass theirs out to the people walking at Union Squire. Now that all of this is out of the way we just have to wait and see what media will be there and wait and see how many children show up, because we did try hard and we did try our best to put out the event.

As for today, Greencard did get one news station to the HQ that did put out our event on TV, this was good, and we did give out all of our fliers, this was good too. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels have never done anything like this before, we may make mistakes, we may be excited, and we may be overwhelmed, but we care, we care for the children and we care for the homeless.

All of this took a lot of work and we did not do this alone, we did have help; The Marine Corp. The non-profits at Mint Mall, The Phillipina Rest. And we will receive help from the Sacramento Chapter, the San Jose Chapter, the Contra Costa Chapter on the day of the event.

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday to you all and we will see you all on December 19th, God Bless You All!

Thanks Again San Jose Chapter For The Help On This Day.


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