Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sacramento parade and patrol, 11/28/09

Saturday November 28th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be traveling over to Sacramento to visit the Sacramento Chapter, to do patrols and to be in a Holiday Parade. All the angels who are going on this trip must arrive early at the HQ, to get ready and to get to the Greyhound Bus Station on time. We are prepared, and we are excited to get this chance to travel and to get the experience of what other chapters do. We all know we have to be on our best behavior, and we all know we have to stick together until we get there, next we do our prebrief and we begin our march to the bus station. All the angels boarded the bus and now we are headed for Sacramento.

We all catch some sleep before we get there. Our contact person is the chapter leader for this city, and his code name is Sir Kent. We have now arrived in downtown Sacramento, we get off the bus, we regrouped inside the station, we also meet up with Sir Kent. Next we march to the check point for our spot in line for the Parade, we the San Francisco Chapter and the Sacramento Chapter really look good together as one big chapter coming together to do an event, this was amazing.

Next we begin our march down the streets of the city as Guardian Angels in this parade, we all smile and we all wave our hands up in the air and we wish everyone a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this too was amazing. Now we are ready for patrols, but first we take care of our gear and we take care of our hotel arrangements, this gives everyone a chance to meet one another from each other chapters.

For the patrol Sir Kent will be the patrol leader and Bishop will be the shadow leader, we next split up into two teams, we start out marching through the city streets until we get to the mall, this is NEW TOWN. Next we march through a tunnel to get to our next area, OLD TOWN, the buildings really look like they came right out of the western days, it was a good patrol seeing this area.

Next Sir Kent marched the teams back into the city streets because our next patrol will take us on the T-Rail, it is like the MUNI Train back home.

We get on the T-Rail, we are still split up into two teams, this way we are able to cover more cars. This also showed us, the San Francisco Guardian Angels that the Sacramento Chapter do know their areas, their streets, and their city, they are a very good chapter with a very good leader. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels could not name any of the streets that we patrolled and we did not know any of the ares we where in, but we do want to come back to do more patrols with the Sacramento Chapter in the future so that we can get to know their streets and their areas of this beautiful city.

Next Sir Kent then advises the teams that this is it, we have had a long patrol and long day, he then thanked us for coming down and said for us to stay in touch, we then said our goodbyes and went off in different directions. We the San Francisco Guardian Angels finally make it to the hotel after getting off the T-Rail, we are a little tired but we have to do a debrief because it helps us realize how important it is to make these kind of trips, and to discuss what we had learned from today's patrol.

Next we sleep, we wake up, we take the T-Rail to the Amtrak Train Station, we board the train, now we are heading home. We finally get to San Francisco, but we still have to march back to the HQ to leave uniforms or to pick up things we left behind, next we are here at HQ everyone said there goodbyes and went there own way.

We wish to thank Sir Kent and the Sacramento Chapter for inviting us, and we would like to invite Sir Kent and your chapter to our city anytime!

Thank You Sir Kent!


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