Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday December 19th 2009 toy and blanket giveaway

We the San Francisco Guardian Angels are giving away toys to the children, and handing out blanket bundles to the homeless today. We will be assisted by other chapters of California; we have the Sacramento Chapter, the San Jose Chapter, the Contra Costa Chapter and the LA Chapter.

Next we divide the chapters into two teams, Greencard will be in charge of the toy team, I J.D. will be in charge of the blanket bundle team. The Toy Team will be set up on the lower level of the mall, there are two Santa Clauses, some clowns, some ballerinas, and a whole lot of toys, there are angels posted up at the main entrance to direct the lines and for everyone's safety.

The Blanket Bundle Team will be handing out the bundles in the Tenderloin District and around the downtown area, we are a team of eight and we can only carry so many bundles, this will take a few trips. Now we are ready, and the families start arriving, the news stations arrive, Greencard's team is stationed and the toy give away begins, as this is going on I J.D. the blanket bundle team head out on our march to give away the blanket bundles.

The Blanket Bundle Team passes out about 30 to 35 bundles each trip, it took three trips but it was well worth it, because you could see and feel from that person of how much it meant to receive one of our blanket bundles. This definitely was a very good thing to do, now if we only had more, we could of gave out more, but that takes more money.

The Toy Team I can't really say much because I was not there, but I know in my heart that Greencard and his team did the best that they could do, and I could see there was a lot more families than we expected, but it all worked out and they did have enough toys. I do have to say, when I and my team had to go back to HQ at the mall for more bundles, we saw the kids coming out of the mall with their toys, and you could see their smiles on their faces, this is a blessing when you get a chance to see this.

There is so many people that where involved that we need to thank and without their help this would not have turn out the way it did.

(1) To all the chapters, for there time and there dedication.
(2) To Tess owner of the Philippine Rest. for the food and gift bags.
(3) To the all Volunteers for there help in all the places we needed it.
(4) To the News Stations, Channel's 5 & 14. for the air time.
(5) To Marko the clown, and his customs.
(6) To the Non Profits of the Mint Mall.
(7) To Jorge stand by Santa Claus.
(8) To Greencard our main Santa Claus, for his dream to come true.

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