Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-2-2012 pier 39 and fishmans wharf

Tonight we went to pier 39 and patrol that part of the town.We are having a good turn out for this patrol so happy to see all the angels come out and see SF coming back and making the city safer.This is our chapter leader giving us the low down on what is going on and why we are going to that part of the city.There was been some problems out there and have been in the news and we are out doing our jobs to make the city safe.

Posted up waiting to roll out and get the party started.This is SF and it is never the same out there.
Group pic SFGA at pier
Some times we see some funny things and our cam angel would like to share the pic with you.
Alot of problem are gooing down right are but we are here to make sure nothing is happen.

There was a car club out there tonight so a lot of people was looking at cars .

It was a great patrol everyone came back safe. Thanks to all that come out for this patrol.

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