Saturday, March 24, 2012

3-10-2012 TL

Tonight we meet at HQ around 5pm to hit up the TL and see what is going on in our city.we had alot of Angels come out for the patrol and it is great being a strong Chapter .We all know that the TL is never the same.

We Drop a reporter of at bus stop and we just wanted to make sure he got on the bus ok and then time to get to work on the streets.

We got in the the TL and it was a very slow night out there not much going on but we did get some needles off the street.

Here is one member pickin up a needle off street.

This is lion and greecard on the patrol with us.
We got back to HQ around 10:30pm and we like to say welcome to your new Angels that come out with us.ThanksTime to call it a night all hands in for the SFGA

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