Sunday, July 31, 2011

7-29-2011 TL Patrol

Tonight we Patrol the TL.we got to HQ at 7pm and hit the streets by 7:30pm with "JD" Leading the team.

We posted up along the way.Tonight was a slow night in the TL.

The team stop by starbucks before heading back to HQ.There was not much going on tonight we march all over the TL and nothing we be leave we had a male guy that was following us tonight.

We got back to HQ around 10:45pm all that was great all came back safe it was nice to see so much angels and would like to welcome the two new members we had last night thanks to all.
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Monday, July 25, 2011


Tonight we are patroling the haight.We met up at HQ to start the night off.Tonight we the san franisco chapter is happy to say that we have JD back with us again.So we hit the street with a some angels to check some alleys since chapter leader was in a meeting.Tonight Sparky will be leading for the first time but Chapter leader Lion will be right there.

Found somethings that really didnt need to be there.

Sparky got a crack pipe off the street.

Waiting for bus on market street.


group pic time

Getting to HQ for Debeif

This patrol was a great patrol just we all learn something and all came back safe.The chapter would like to Welcome JD back.Thank to all that show.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

7-8-2011 market steet

Tonight we meet up at HQ at 7:00 pm to do prebief.We had Greencard talk to us and lionj about some for the things that are happening in the city.We found out that maket street is having some problems so tonight that is where we are heading too.

Everyone is listening to what Greencard and lion are saying and taking some notes.

We headed out and hit the street. walk some alleys and lion our Chapter leader got a crack pipe off a guy that was trying to get his high on but NOT on our street.

We walk on to market street and had a lady come up to us and tell us she was sexually assault and the man that she though did it was in bugerking so lion had us go check it out so we when and then Greencard started to follow the guy when he left BK Lion was on the phone with the polices and come to fine out that was not the man it was all clear.

We walk up to union square Sparky was in traning and try to help lead the group.

We posted up for some pictures and than headed about down to HQ.

We got back to HQ had debief and everyone went home for the night thanks to all that can make it for tonight patrol and get ready for next week and good job sparky. Read the rest

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4 th in vallejo

Today we meet at HQ around 6:30 am to go help out in vallejo in there city.We met up with nemo and headed over by Bart.

Did the check to make sure that we have everything.

Just a little bit of time until the train

Omar was so nice to come get us from bart.Would like to send a big thank you to him and tream for letting us help him.

This is the Angel car and it is only in vallejo

We would like to thank Solano County Guardian Angels.We got back to san fransico safe and all went home from HQ. Read the rest

Monday, July 4, 2011

7-1-2011 Market and around the town.

Today we all met at HQ at around 6:30 pm tonight.We started with our prebief and talking about things coming up that we have ask to be there.Tonight Cobra will be leading this one.We hit the streets by 7 pm.

The group tonight wanted to check some alleys so we went on a needle looking out and here is what we found but it was most of it was on mission street.

Yes this is a crack pipe that was found and we had one more found way to go mustang.

This one looked new.

COBRA walking and looking for more things for us to get off the streets.

Sparky looking at this car that it was cool. now back to work.

heading to market street.

On market street.

Time to hit up bart and see what is down there.

Watch where you walk you never know where one of those may be

The team for tonight!

potty break thank you to the four season.

more ppl that wanted a pic with the SF Angels

Our LT. got us some food before to headed back to HQ.

We headed back to HQ and had debirf and headed to your house.It was a long day but a very good day got some needles off the street tonight and now some of the people over there can sleep better know that it is cleaner over there.
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