Monday, July 4, 2011

7-1-2011 Market and around the town.

Today we all met at HQ at around 6:30 pm tonight.We started with our prebief and talking about things coming up that we have ask to be there.Tonight Cobra will be leading this one.We hit the streets by 7 pm.

The group tonight wanted to check some alleys so we went on a needle looking out and here is what we found but it was most of it was on mission street.

Yes this is a crack pipe that was found and we had one more found way to go mustang.

This one looked new.

COBRA walking and looking for more things for us to get off the streets.

Sparky looking at this car that it was cool. now back to work.

heading to market street.

On market street.

Time to hit up bart and see what is down there.

Watch where you walk you never know where one of those may be

The team for tonight!

potty break thank you to the four season.

more ppl that wanted a pic with the SF Angels

Our LT. got us some food before to headed back to HQ.

We headed back to HQ and had debirf and headed to your house.It was a long day but a very good day got some needles off the street tonight and now some of the people over there can sleep better know that it is cleaner over there.

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