Monday, July 11, 2011

7-8-2011 market steet

Tonight we meet up at HQ at 7:00 pm to do prebief.We had Greencard talk to us and lionj about some for the things that are happening in the city.We found out that maket street is having some problems so tonight that is where we are heading too.

Everyone is listening to what Greencard and lion are saying and taking some notes.

We headed out and hit the street. walk some alleys and lion our Chapter leader got a crack pipe off a guy that was trying to get his high on but NOT on our street.

We walk on to market street and had a lady come up to us and tell us she was sexually assault and the man that she though did it was in bugerking so lion had us go check it out so we when and then Greencard started to follow the guy when he left BK Lion was on the phone with the polices and come to fine out that was not the man it was all clear.

We walk up to union square Sparky was in traning and try to help lead the group.

We posted up for some pictures and than headed about down to HQ.

We got back to HQ had debief and everyone went home for the night thanks to all that can make it for tonight patrol and get ready for next week and good job sparky.

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