Monday, September 26, 2011

9-24-2011 TL

We meet up at HQ at 6pm to head to the TL for a very fun night.Everyone know we had Prebief to talk about it before we hit the streets,JD will be leading this patrol.

We started the march in to the TL and we all know that we are not in a nice place anymore it was very crazy just on the first block we got to but we just post up and watch them all leave NO more drugs when we are there.

Little break and back on our way.
You got to be ready for anything in the TL you never know what might came at you and this Angel know that and is ready.Thanks to JD there is one less pipe on the streets! And look what the group pick up to night see there is a very big problem with all this!That is just way to much but we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will pick it up and make sure it is not on the streets for some little kid to see and start playing with it here is a the pic of every Angel that was on patrol tonight.

We had debief and talk about the night everyone came back safe so it was a great night and we clean up the streets of the TL.Thanks to all that came out.

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