Monday, September 26, 2011

9-23-2011 mission

Tonight we meet up HQ at 7:20pm everyone got ready for the nights patrol.we had Greencard to lead the patrol but he wants us in two teams and we had 6 member show up so Sparky was leading one team and Greencard lead the other team.We all go on the bus together and heading to Mission and went down to 24 th Street and post up and talk about where the teams would go.

We meet up again at Walgreens for a little break and Sparky got everyone something to Drink and we broke back up and heading down mission.
We got to 17th street and meet the other teams again nothing was happen on Sparkys team but Greencard had a fight was everything was ok on.Greencard did call for other team to come to him and Sparky got us there fast.and Greencard want Sparky to make call on the guy that was very drink and high on something.but there was nothing we can do he didnt do anything when we was posted up there so we left.We ended the night after a little bite of food thanks to Greencard.It was great patrol and Greencard and Sparky did a great team with the teams.way to go guys Brick!!!

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