Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mission Night Patrol, sex offender arrested

Saturday January 2nd 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Mission Dist. tonight. All the angels start arriving at the HQ around 2:00pm, this is so we have time to change into our uniforms and to do our prebrief. While everyone is getting ready in the HQ, Greencard was downstairs speaking with Tess from the Philippine Rest. when all of a sudden a man had walk in from the streets drunk as a skunk. Greencard asked him if he could help him, he said no bye yelling and cussing at Greencard and Tess, he then started to head down to the lower level of the Mint Mall, Greencard got in front of him and called me J.D. on my cell phone, I came down and observed the man arguing with Greencard.

Both me and Greencard knew this was not the time to argue with a drunk, so me and Greencard escorted the man out of the building. But Tess had already called the police, and the police said to hold the man there until they arrive, but the man had already walked down a half block. We did get to him and stopped him, and then the police arrived, they ask his name and ran it through there computer. This man was wanted, he was a fugitive, he was a sex offender, this man was going to jail, because the Guardian Angels assisted the police and because this guy was a bad guy, plain and simple.

Now we can get the patrol going, Greencard and J.D. will be observers, Scorpion will be patrol leader, there are three First Aid Angels, there will be only one team, and we will all be using radios for communication. We did prebrief, everyone is in uniform, everyone is paired up, we locked the HQ, next we march to the bus stop. The team gets to the bus stop, we get on the #14 bus and head to the Mission Dist. We get to the BART STATION on 16th street, our stop, Scorpion knows this tour very well, but first he posted everyone up at this corner for awhile, All Clear! Then we march to Hunters Alley and Lovers Lane Alley, we picked up some dirty needles, but the rest is All Clear!

Next we march to KID POWER PARK we post up there and we observed the park, it too is All Clear!

Next Scorpion marches the team up Mission Street from 16th to 24th street, on the way Scorpion and the team come up on a man and a woman smoking a crack pipe, they get it from them and tell them to go to rehab, then Scorpion smashes the pipe on the street.

Next stop is the ALIOTO PARK we post up there and we observed the park, it too is All Clear! Scorpion then U-Turns the team to Harrison Street, we march up a few blocks until we get to 24th street, this area is All Clear!

Next we post up at the 24th street BART STATION, as we are posted up a woman comes up from BART and notices the Angels, she walks over and gives us hugs and thanks us for the job that we do. This can make you really feel proud of what you do when stuff like this happens.

Next Scorpion is ready to call it a night, but first we have to march back down to 16th street BART STATION, so we march, 23rd street, 22nd street, 21st street, 20th street, 19th street, 18th street, 17th street, next 16th street. We post up at this corner and we all look at each other and we can't believe our eyes of how quiet it is, but we say this is a good thing, a safe thing.

Next we get on the #14 bus and head back to the HQ, we get to the HQ, we begin debrief, we change back into our street clothes. We are a strong chapter, we are a trained chapter, and we have very good leaders in our chapter, for us to be a chapter like this is because of our founder and our Angel One (Curtis Sliwa).

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