Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/16/10, handcuff training, bus patrols

Saturday January 16th 2010, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be having Handcuff Training and Bus Patrols today. This handcuff training will be passed on to the SFGA and the SJGA chapters by one of the Sheriff's Dept. finest. The training will consist of, (1) Type of handcuffs used, (2) Handcuff Procedures, (3) Arrest Procedures, (4) And Safety Procedures. We the SFGA are always grateful and thankful to receive training, this also helps the chapters and its members to do a better job as angels. Next is for everyone to show up on time, and everyone did, so this training went very good and the trainer did a very good job, we will be asking this trainer back again in the future.

Next we begin prebrief, then we all get ready for bus patrols, we will be on bus #14 for our tour, Lion will be the patrol leader, we have one first aid tech, and we will be using all radios for communication.

Lion takes the team out, we march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we split up, we post up on the bus. Lion makes the calls, he is the one who assigns the post you will be on the bus, we do not let anyone in the back doors of the bus unless they have a bus pass or a transfer.

For this reason they are breaking the law by coming in the back door, it is unsafe, and we also think this is why the bus fares keep going up in price. But as we move along on the ride, our tour is not to bad tour, there is no one drinking, there is no one doing drugs, there is no one doing any graffiti, everything seems to be All Clear.

As for the ride we got to know the bus driver, we got to know the passengers, but we as angels still stay focus on this tour. We did ride this bus out-bound and it is a long tour, when we had reach the end of the bus route the bus driver stopped for his break so we got off to take our break. Next we got back on the bus #14, got back to the post we where at on the bus, and now we are ready to return to the city.

As for the ride going back it was basically the same, but we where all still focused on this tour, and there were still no bad guys so Lion's decision was to call a day and head back to the HQ. As Guardian Angels we all know that it takes heart and soul and dedication to do what we do, and if there is nothing that happens then the reason is because we where out there doing something about it or prevented it from happening.

As we reached our stop, we got off of the bus and post up on the wall, we did thank the bus driver as we always do. Next Lion marches the team to the HQ. we are home as some of us sees it, but it is HQ, we change back into our street clothes but before that we want to take some photos of our new patches we have, they are called Fallen Angel Patches, we are very proud to waer these patches with HONOR of our angels that had died for our cause.

We wish to THANK!
Mr. Banks for his time and effort (The Training).


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