Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mission day and night patrol, 11/7/09

Saturday November 7th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be doing day and night Back to Back Patrols, with a break in between the patrols. We also have a special guest with us from another chapter, her name is Lisa, she will be observing and marching right along with us on both patrols. All the angels start arriving at 9:00am to change into uniform and to be partnered up for this patrol, next we begin our prebrief about the schedule for today and tonight. Today's patrol is the Mission Dist. Greencard will be lead team and I J.D. will be shadow team, we hand out all radios for communication, now we are ready for patrol.

We march to the bus stop, we get on bus #14, we get off at the 16th street BART STATION and post up. Next Greencard advises both teams to march to Kid Power Park, Hunter's Alley and Lover's Lane Alley to do a sweep, (to make sure it is all clear). Both teams get to Kid Power Park, it is all clear, next Greencard advises my team, shadow team to march to the alleys to finish the sweep and that his team will march back to the BART STATION to post up. While the shadow team is checking the alleys, Greencard radios shadow team to come to his location at 16th street, that there was an accident involving a bicycle and a vehicle.

We the shadow team got there but had posted up across the street from Greencard's team just in case he needed backup with any help, while his team assessed the injured, the police arrived, and the paramedics arrived they then took over the situation but ask Greencard to stand by for his information.

Greencard then advised my team to go back to sweep the alleys, we got to the alleys, we pick up needles, and we put them in the containers we had, the alleys are all clear. Next Greencard advises the teams to meet at the 16th street BART STATION so that the teams could next march up to 24th street BART STATION, this is how we do our tour. We march up Mission St. we get to one of our other spots Allioto Park, both teams check on this park, but it to is all clear, so we march to the Walgreen's store on 23rd street, where we post up, and we break for water and to use restroom. The owner of this store is one of our supporters for our chapter, he is always grateful to see us.

As we where talking with him a shoplifter was running from a vendor to our direction, we had caught him and we had to handcuff him, but the vendor was wanting to hurt him, so we had made sure they did not come together. We had called the police but this was not an emergency, so they said they would send someone as soon as they could, so we decided to talk to the vendor to see if he did not want to press any charges, he said he would not if the young male did not come anywhere close to his store, the young male agreed, so we took the handcuffs off him and send him the other direction, so we called the police back to canceled the call, they canceled it.

So it all worked out, we got back to our patrol to finish this tour, we got to 24th street BART STATION posted up for awhile, it was all clear. Greencard called it, this tour was a good tour but it must end, so we got on the #14 bus and headed back to HQ, we got to HQ to do debreif and to get some rest for our night patrol.

Night Patrol is a dangerous patrol because more bad guys come out at night, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels still have the same amount of angels for this patrol, 16, and the area is the Tenderloin Dist. I J.D. will be lead team and Greencard will be shadow team, we have almost the same partners and both teams are still even, we will use all radios for communication. Now we are ready for patrol and we ready to march out to our area, next stop is Turk St. it is peaceful but we are alert, we get to 201 Turk St. Apts. post up for awhile, it is all clear. I J.D. and my team is on one side of the street and Greencard is on the other side, next we go all the way to Van Ness St. no bad guys, so we turn around back into the Tenderloin Dist. to check out the alleys, they to are all clear. Next we march to COBRA'S CORNER, I cannot believe my eyes on how quiet it is, but it is, so we march to O'Farrell St. We march down this area, it too is all clear, we did get to 631 O'Farrell Apts. posted up for awhile, all clear.

Now we are going to tour a new street, Larkin St. so we march down a few streets and had came upon a homeless female that was hurt, her hand was infected and you could see the bone sticking out of her hand. First Aid Angels had did what they could for her hand, next was to call 911 for an ambulance, they arrived and she was sent to the hospital, we all did a good job by helping and caring for this woman, this is what we do.

Next we marched to United Nations Center and as soon as we got there we noticed the young male that we had dealt with today in the Mission, so we stopped to talk with him, and he explained to us that his hand needed a bandage, so our first aid angels helped him with his hand, next thing you know there was a fight. A fight between two males, it had been about he said this and he said that, so we broke it up at the same time first aid was assisting the young male for his hand. But we handled it in a professional way.

Now it is calm and it is late, now it is time to march back to the HQ, we get back to the HQ and we debrief and we change back into our street clothes. We have never done a back to back patrol like this one and we will want to do more like this one, but it has to be planed and it has to have first aid or you could not do as good as the job as we had done tonight or today.

Thank You First Aid
Thank You Teams
Thank You Leaders
And Thank You So Much Lisa For Your Dedication!

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L Campos said...

To the San Francisco Chapter, thank you for allowing me to patrol with you, and learn from you. I was honored to watch a very large and successful chapter. I look forward to hopefully going back and learning more and patrolling with you.

Best Regards

Lisa Campos
Portland Guardian Angels