Monday, January 23, 2012

01-07-2012 HAIGHT PATROL

Got to HQ at 4pm and it was great to know that we are going to the haight for the night and we all know it is every the same.
Tonight we got to have greencard with us on patrol and it is all nice to have him with us.
THIS is JD he was talking to the team and let us know what is going on for the night and what we are looking out for tonight.

Posted up wait and watchin people
The two leaders for the night Greencard and JD

Great patrol everyone was safe and there was one fight but it was ok and the police was there in know time at all. Read the rest

12-31-2011 mission and TL

Your Patrol started off well it started at 7pm our first mission was to try to get on the bus to get to the mission districts it was a free night to right muni and everyone was on the bus but the good news we did make it down there in like 30 mins.We talked to a lady that was telling us about people where lighting christmas on fire right by her house and we told her that if she hear that again call the police they will come out you out.we also fine a glass pipe not good thing to found.WE walked the mission and nothing was going on there for the call was made to move to TL. Got back on bus and walk to TL from bus stop.In MARKET Street we stop at a bathroom and found a lot of needles and cooker.We went on to TL and it was crazy people all over the place some people happy to see us other not but we was there for the people of our city it was a great patrol everyone got back safe.

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12-24-2011 CHRISTMAS

We the San Francsico Guardian Angels would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND an happy new year.

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12-17-2011 toy giveway

We the San Francsico guardian angel meet at our HQ at 8 am to have the toy give away for the kids of our city that may not get a toy we the Angels want to make sure they get a toy and get to see santa. Contra Costa come to help us out.Giving the toys out is a great way for kids to meet us and there familys and just another way we can give back to our city.We did have one problem on this day and it was a guy that robber the toy and for assault against santa clause.Dont worry the man was arrested and turn over to the police.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

12-11-2011 Parol Lantern Festival

We meet up at HQ around 4pm to get ready to hit the streets but tonight we are going to help and show people that the San francisco guardian angels are there to help no matter what the case we are there and will be there for the people.Tonight we are going out with the mint mall for this christmas partol lantern festival.
This is the lady that made the parol lantern was all made by her we would like to thank her for letting us join her in the Festival and letting us being there.Thank you !
The angels getting ready to leave the for the Festival.

It is the SF GA Santa lol
The GA and mint mall walking down mission.This was our number for this year.
We was line up and this nice guy ask if hes kids may have a pic with santa and santa was like sure.
all you can see is lights was waiting for the groups to get to where i was
The SF Guardian Angel would like to thank all the was there and let you know that our group at 3rd place for our song and for the parol.Thanks to all Read the rest