Monday, January 23, 2012

12-31-2011 mission and TL

Your Patrol started off well it started at 7pm our first mission was to try to get on the bus to get to the mission districts it was a free night to right muni and everyone was on the bus but the good news we did make it down there in like 30 mins.We talked to a lady that was telling us about people where lighting christmas on fire right by her house and we told her that if she hear that again call the police they will come out you out.we also fine a glass pipe not good thing to found.WE walked the mission and nothing was going on there for the call was made to move to TL. Got back on bus and walk to TL from bus stop.In MARKET Street we stop at a bathroom and found a lot of needles and cooker.We went on to TL and it was crazy people all over the place some people happy to see us other not but we was there for the people of our city it was a great patrol everyone got back safe.


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