Friday, December 2, 2011

11-26-2011 TL

Tonight we met up at HQ at 4pm to hit up the streets and we what we can find and tonight it was like a zoo in the TL.JD will be leading this patrol.
We got to the TL and JD had to call the police there was alot of people out on the streets and some man was saying he was going hit some lady so san fransico angels posted right up and was waiting for anything to pop off.The police got there and everything clam down and all the people that was out left real fast.
We seen this on the street and it is sad how the people of the TL are standing for people to do this to there street.some kid can come long and try to pick it up and hurt them self or get HIV from all of this.there was about 15 needles just sitting there on the ground good thing that we was there to pick them up.
After all that we needed a small break we stop at a place that let us to the bathroom in the TL.
We posted back up in the hot spot and we was taking the street and knot going to give it back until we are down for the night.We had a store owner so happy to see us there and taking the block back and getting people away from his store.Tonight was a great night happy to see all the angels out.Everyone came back safe so it a great night.Everyone is looking forward to next week.

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