Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tonight we hit the TL with JD leading the patrol.we got to HQ at 6pm prebrief and we said it was the first of the month here we go.
We hit sime real hot spots in the TL
We was walking along and there was some people that had kid with them and right where they were look what we found.
This was still loaded and Sparky was really not happy about this and broke it fast.This was real a good thing to get off the streets wow it is the first of the month.This was a pipe but JD had to brake it fast some guy was wanting it from him and he broke it and said " not here".This is crazy 3 full and no room for anymore needles just thanks to the SF GA the angels are there to pick them up before some little kid is playing and get hurt.We got back to HQ debreif and was change and all happy to be going home after tonight. thanks to all 8 that came out.

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