Monday, January 5, 2009

January 3rd, 2009 patrol in the Tenderloin

We had Guardian Angels from Oakland and Solano join us this weekend to patrol in San Francisco. With 15 Guardian Angels, we set out to patrol the Tenderloin in two separate patrols covering each other. We patrolled all over the Tenderloin including down: Ellis, McAllister, Turk, and O’Farrell.

Tenderloin residents greeted us and were glad to see us back again. The patrol was low-key but productive as we met with local concerned residents to listen to them explain how the neighborhood was getting out of control. It was very good to have the backing of the community. The patrol ended safely, we did our best, and We Dare To Care.

The San Francisco chapter would like to thank the Oakland and Solano chapters, and their leaders, Christina in Oakland and Omar in Solano, for their help.

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