Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SF Guardian Angels mentioned in the SF Chronicle

I recently attended a community meeting in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco in regards to the recent spike in street crime, and a San Francisco Chronicle reporter wrote about the meeting online today.

Never fear! The angels are here.

Lance Iverson/The Chronicle

The Oakland chapter of the Guardian Angels patrols Grand Avenue in April.
We last wrote about the San Francisco Guardian Angels four years ago, when they flew into the Mission District (more recently, an East Bay chapter offered help to Oakland residents). Now, the volunteer patrol group is offering a helping hand to the Bernal Heights and Glen Park neighborhoods, which have been hit hard in recent months by an increase in muggings and other street crimes.

The group's assistant chapter leader recently reached out with an email, and subsequently attended a community meeting, where many people appeared receptive to the idea. Nothing's official yet, but it looks likely that the Angels will be patrolling a bit further south in not too long.

By the way -- you can read about their Mission District exploits here.

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