Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tenderloin patrol, 10/24/09

Saturday October 24th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels will be patrolling the Tenderloin Dist. We all arrive at the HQ for this patrol at 100%. If anyone is not at 100%, I as the chapter leader will decide on how you look and how you feel, because you cannot be injured in anyway to go out on a patrol. We get into our informs, we do prebrief, there are 14 angels today for patrol, and we hand out radios to the leaders who lead the teams. I J.D. will be lead team and Scorpion will be shadow team, we will also have one certified first aid tech on each team, now we are ready for patrol.

We march to Turk St. post up on some corners, all clear! We march to 201 Turk Apts. post up for awhile to run off the bad guys, now it to is all clear! Next we march to Van Ness before we get there we stop at a park for kids to do a search of the park for bottles, needles, and crack pipes to insure the safety of the park. It was bad; glass bottles of empty booze all over the place, so we cleaned it up. Made it to Van Ness but circle back into the Tenderloin to check out some alleyways, they are all clear. We are on Ellis St. now and this is where it happens, so we march, we post up, and we we get to Ellis & Jones, COBRA'S CORNER this is what we call it, a corner for drug deals, prostitution, and violence.

As we first get there we take a crack pipe from a user and advised him to seek help for his problem. For this street we have to post up on both sides of the street, team one on one side and team two across the street but we do keep focus on each other in case we have to back each other up. Things do calm down for a minute, and we look up the street and see undercover officer arresting a drug dealer, we decided to march on to our next block. Now we are on O'Farrell St. We post up on some corners, we talk to a few people of the neighborhood and they were so happy to see us there and thank us for doing a great job.

We then march to 631 O'Farrell Apts. post up for awhile to run off the bad guys but no bad guys here, all clear. We march on down O'Farrell St. to another kids park that we check, it to was a mess, all kinds of bottles and glass, not good for a park, but we clean it up. So we march on, we patrol the Union Square area, we patrol the Moscone Museum area, all in all we try to cover as much area as we can and more if possible because we are a foot patrol and we are the Guardian Angels. I guess now we can call it a day, and we can call it a safe day, and we can call it a day we helped our community. We get back to the HQ, we change back into our street clothes, we debrief, and we are ready and geared up for next week's patrol.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fallen Angel, 10/18/09

Sunday October 18th 2009, we the San Francisco Guardian Angels have lost a member, a member with character, a member that we will never forget. He died from health complications, but he had died with honor. His name was Frank Jerkins, his code name was Tennessee, which is where he was from. The Guardian Angels accept members 16 years old or older to be an angel, and we do not discriminate against anyone. You just have to have the heart to do what we do, and that is what Frank Jerkins had, and he had a lot more because he believed in the cause as a GUARDIAN ANGEL. We will miss him, and he will always be an ANGEL!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10/10/09, Northern California Conference and Self Defense Training

Today is the day for the Northern California Conference and Self Defense Training. There will be chapters attending from all over the Northern half of California, there will be a self defense instructor brought in from another state for our training. The San Francisco Guardian Angels always look forward for events like this, and that is why we try our best to prepare. We have six members that are graduating tonight, we had their names submitted a few weeks back, everyone else is excited for their brothers and sisters graduating, and for the training that we are receiving today. The city that the training and conference is being held in is Vallejo, so we, the SFGA need to get going and we need to get there on time.

We do get to the Vallejo Chapter HQ but we are an hour late, today's program is training first half of the day and the second half is for the graduations, this is not a good way to start out late with the trainer and the trainer's name is WING CHUNG, a very highly respected angel. We begin the training inside the HQ, this training is advanced, everyone started out with warm-ups, then we went to weapons defense and take downs moves. Next we went outside for role-playing and maneuvers, it helps the new graduates to have more confidence in themselves and in their teams, it's a good guy and bad guy technique.

Next we break for lunch and showers, and to take some time to talk to the guys from other chapters that are there from different cities, and taking photos of everyone is a good idea. Now we are ready for Graduation Night, we start out with a video from Curtis Sliwa, this was for the northern chapters in California. This could not get any better than this, great place, great speakers and Straight Edge will be the one handing out the certificates.

The San Francisco Graduates are, 1. Storm 2. Electra 3. Williams 4. Zorro 5. Dragon 6. Preacher, there are other graduates but from other chapters. The other chapters that where there are, 1. Oakland 2. Vallejo/Solano County 3. Sacramento 4. Stockton. Next we have dinner and cake, took a little bet more time to talk to the other angels before it was time for us to leave. This is what its all about, to come together as a family, as a team, and as a group of men and women who believe in a organization called the Guardian Angels. The San Francisco Guardian Angels enjoyed the entire day and it was time to get back to our city, we said our goodbyes and before you know it we are back to HQ, did a small debrief and went home a lot smarter and a lot wiser.

We The San Francisco Guardian Angels, would like to thank:

1. Ajax, Nor. Cal. Reg. Coordinator, for putting everything together!
2. "O", Vallejo/Solano County Chapter Leader, for the place and your city!
3. All The Chapter Leaders, for bringing your guys!

And A Very Special Thanks to

4. Wing Chung, for the training and for the leadership you have show us!

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